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PostSubject: Rules (PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING)   Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:28 am

1. All Normal Rules for Cherub Apply I.E do your reports,homework etc
2. Do not use nasty lanugage on the Forum. this includes Rasist or Pornographic language. Anyone breaking this rule will recieve a Punishment
3. Do not harrash other members or Staff anyone breaking this rule will be demoted or Booted from Campus.
4. Do not Attempt to sabotage Cherub Operations. Anyone doing so will be Banned INSTANTLY
5. Do not moan about not getting a Promotion. If you do moan then you will be punished or Demoted!
6. Do not dicuss missions with anyone unless they are
-Mission Control Staff
-People who were on the mission
Anyone caught doing so will be immediatly suspended from missions.
7. Do not attempt to move Mission Control Breifings into other Forums,Briefings are to only be read in the Mission Controllers Office. They are to stay in there. Anyone breaking this rule will be BREAKING the Offical Secrets Act and will Immediatly be Booted from Cherub.
8. No posting in the Avalible Missions Forum. This is only for mission Control Staff!

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