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 When you Join what do we need you to do?

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PostSubject: When you Join what do we need you to do?   Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:23 am

When you get recruited to Cherub (That's when you get into the Campus) You must report to your handler. This is so they can explain what is going on. This is also so she can set up your alias. A alias is what we will address you when we are formally talking to you. In other words your Alias is your Cherub Name, For example my Cherub Alias is Andrew Starling (thats not my real name). You may be wondering "What if i forget my alias. Don't panic just go the the chairmans office and request the Alias Name. We will of course need you to prove who you are!

Another thing we need is that if you are a sibling to any current Cherub Agent, This is so when we need more than one person on a mission you will more likely be paired up with this agent.

Once you have done all that you will just need to get your 25 posts to get into the training course and be able to enjoy Cherub's Facilities!
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When you Join what do we need you to do?
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